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Enhanced map service based on ArcGIS Data Store

Question asked by w.rozk on Mar 18, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by w.rozk

Hi All,

In the video from UC 2016 tech session about big data visualization I got a glimpse of so called "enhanced map service" which has capabilities to retrieve data from ArcGIS Data Store and display it in generalized way.


I've tried to look for some documentation about this service but I didn't find anything detailed. I've also check What's new sections for Server 10.3-10.5 with no luck.

In the video, this service was created while configuring an output connector from GeoEvent Server to Data Store (Add a Feature to a Spatiotemporal Big Data Store), but later it was accessible via standard REST endpoint.


So, is it a new kind of service? How does it compare to "old" map service?

Is there other way of creating it than by creating an output connector?

Is it possible to publish this service in a standard way through publishing mxd to ArcGIS Server?