order of adding of graphics/graphicalOverlays

Discussion created by norbert.thoden on Mar 15, 2017
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The initial goal is to show a problem of a symbol of the AdvancedSymbology.

Therefore i create a map and add 2 graphicalOverlays.

A DictionaryRenderer is assigned to the second graphicalOverlay.


While i was building the sample i moved two statements, leading to a reproducable crash (Windows and Linux)

  1. approach: add the 2 graphicalOverlays to the model immediately after they are created.
  2. approach: add the 2 graphicalOverlays to the model after the graphics are added the the graphicalOverlays.


This happens using the RenderingMode::Dynamic, not with Static.


I added a complete example (Winzip can process tgz files)

Compile, Link, Run and press "Symbol Failure" -> coredump

(look at define LETS_CRASH)


Can someone please verify?


Thank you very much