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Dynamic Title Changing With Selected Layer

Question asked by dpmvlissingen on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by cdspatial

I have searched on many forums, searched in videos and and the manual:


I work with data from birdcounts in different seasons. For each species in each season I have to make a different map with each a different title. As it is very slow to change the title everytime I want to let it change automatically. I have not worked with Python before (only really really basic) but I am open to all suggestions!

I have attached the data so you can have a look (it is a sample but it will explain it enough) And I also attached a map which shows how I want to get the title (Curlew Spring) and I would very much like it if the season and bird species change as I activate another part of the data. In ArcGIS I already made different selections with the different layer names. So the title would only have to copy these.

There is probably an easy solution, thank you so much already. I hope this is clear enough, please let me know if it isn't!