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How to get an app built from custom template hosted on Portal?

Question asked by johannes.h.nyman on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by dlaw-esristaff

Hello all!


1. I have built a custom app with the Web Appbuilder Developer edition and exported it to Portal (10.5) as a template but when I try to make an application from the template, it hosts it to the same local URI as the web appbuilder developer edition. I would like to host it similarly as any other app created in Portal. Is it even possible to host these kind of custom apps in Portal? 


Another question slightly related to this:


2. If I have an App template that's built in the web edition of Web Appbuilder and I've made it a configurable app, how to tweak the JSON config so that when I make a new App from the template, all the widgets (like Chart or Filter for instance) would use the new layers of the new web map and work correctly. The layers are always in the same format, in the same order, named the same and have the same fields and the only difference is the web map's name which changes and of course the actual data. I've tried many JSON configurations but been unsuccessful. I should probably get the right value for the rest service URL or WebmapLayerId attributes but how?  A drop menu that shows the layers of the new map would be the optimal solution. The layers are inside a Map Image Layer and are polylines, polygons or points. 


Thanks already and I hope I was clear enough!