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Flummoxed by tiling wide-format plot

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by rastrauch

Arcmap 10.3.1, HP T2300 with the latest drivers. I have a 86 by 160 inch wall map that, no matter what setting I've tried, I simply cannot get tiled plotting to output strips where the edges line up correctly. Here is the latest setting I've tried, per HP tech support. Every single combination of every single printer option has been tried, with the results much much worse then the latest setting, which I've screen-shotted below. The first tile appears to print the correct width, but the second tile (strip) has about 2 inches of the west (left) extent clipped. Due to a really Mickey Mouse safety policy, we are unable to print with margins and use an xacto to trim them (and complete lack of skill trimming would make that a disaster anyway). Exporting to PDF and using the PDF driver is not an option either, as the export creates a multiple GB PDF file, which our Donald Duck computers can't handle (dropping the resolution is not in the cards, either). Surely one of you has figure this out? At this point, I've burned through 50$ in paper and ink trying to make this work, FE/Kinkos wants 250$ just for 1 (we need to print 12). Trying "Automatically by printer" resulted in much worse edge matching, NOT making the customer paper size 8 mm wider was even worse.