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How do I disable zoom/pan animation?

Question asked by mangoyoga on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by mangoyoga

In the Runtime for WPF I was able to disable animation of zoom and pan by changing ZoomDuration and PanDuration to 0ms. I felt this resulted in a much faster experience navigating the map, and the users agreed. However, in the Runtime for .NET, this doesn't seem possible. MapView performs a zoom with a hard coded value of true for animate for the core map, and I'm not able to affect what this value can be. Is there any way I can interact with the core map to disable the animation, or at least overriding the duration value? Navigating my old map in the WPF implementation is so much more responsive than the same basemap in the .NET implementation.


I expect the runtime will not get more releases, and v100 is not ready for our needs, so we will stick with the previous release. But at least this is a feature request for the v100 API. Animations can be nice, but should at least be configurable or optional