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Error: The layer {layer name} cannot be added to the map

Question asked by dlewan on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by dlewan

After publishing my web app, the web map does not load.  I am using an mix of AGOL and Arc Server.  If I open the web app on my computer I can see everything, however on any other computer it errors.  I have the service shared to my organization and public.


Essentially, the web map was published to server from desktop, then used in the web app.  


I have two suspicions, the first is, I have server installed on my desktop and the data is actually not being served out, hence I can access it but nobody else can... The next is, the geodatabase that the data is coming from isn't registered to the server.  Perhaps these both are hand in hand....  


Any help is appreciated.  


Running ArcMap 10.5

up to date arc server

AGOL w/ subscription.


Also, can someone provide where I download the web adapter for arc server?