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widget auto launch location

Question asked by CCweedcontrol on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by CCweedcontrol

I have an app with two widgets that auto launch when the app is opened. The problem is that these two widgets cover the zoom, home, locate icons and the widget icons on the top right at start up. I've tried editing the Panel.js to moving them based on this thread but mine seems different so i am not sure what lines to edit and with what? I tried adding line position.left += 50; to line 29 but the panels are still over the icons.


I am working with the Launchpad Theme.




Here is what mine looks like.

_setPositionStyle: function(pos){
      var style;

        pos.zIndex = this.position.zIndex;
      this.position.left = pos.left; =;
      this.position.width = pos.width;
      this.position.height = pos.height;

      style = utils.getPositionStyle(pos);
      lang.mixin(style, pos.borderRadiusStyle);
      domStyle.set(this.domNode, style);

    onWindowResize: function(){
      var position = {}, box;

      if(this.windowState === 'minimized'){
        return; //do nothing if panel is minimized.

        box = this._getLayoutBox();

        if(this.windowState === 'maximized'){
 = 0;
          position.left += 50;
          position.height = box.h;
 = box.h / 2;
          position.height = box.h / 2;