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FeatureLayer not displaying all features - example: road segments randomly not displaying. Is there a limitation to the number of records allowed. This is in an Offline Geodatabase.

Question asked by berksupport on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by berksupport

I have an offline Gdb that I use and I have noticed that random segments of my roadcenterlines will not display when I pan to them. However, when I pinch the device screen, those segments appear, but I pan away and come back and they are invisible again. I also noticed that labels for roads, again random, do not display. Nothing I do makes this change. My Spatial Reference is matching with the MapView and my FeatureLayer.


I have attached an image, if you can see it, where there is a broken segment on the road running NW from the intersection. Once again, if I pinch the screen it will appear. If I pan away and back to it, it disappears.