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Can a folder be specified when sharing from ArcGIS Pro to Portal?

Question asked by Carmelce on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Carmelce

Hi there,


When a service is published from ArcGIS Pro to Portal for ArcGIS, it's automatically stored in the Site/Root folder of the Portal and in ArcGIS Server.

Is it possible to specify the ArcGIS Server folder that the service will be published to (traditionally our layers have been organised by folders in Server)? If not, is this something that might happen with future releases of Pro?


I understand why the service is published to the Root folder, as it's expected for the administration/organisation of layers to happen in Portal and not Server. If this is the case, why do I still have to navigate to the Server Manager to delete services and they can't be done from Pro or Portal (deleting from Portal appears to just remove the shared instance, not the service itself):

Failed to delete


Any information would be appreciated