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Autopopulate values in survey123 using the values from another hosted dataset

Question asked by dbattad001 on Mar 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by dbattad001

I am new on Survey123 for ArcGIS. I am currently in the process of creating my first form and I would like to do this:

  1. Select my forest, then list the localities under that forest so I can select one, then list the “sources” under this forest so I can select one, then list all the compartments under this "source". I know that one way to do this is to have a Cascading Select and external selects. My problem is - How can I grab values from a hosted layer to autopopulate the “sources” and compartment values in the choices worksheet. The values are contained in a dataset which are periodically refreshed. We can store the dataset as a hosted “source” layer in ArcGIS online but how can we transfer automatically any updates to the XLSForm? Is there another way that I can do this?
  2. How can I share only a portion of my survey to a group?