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How to Upload Complete Metadata to AGOL with python

Question asked by on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by akk602dev

Hi everyone, 


Here is my situation: 

My organization has a firewall and to work around that we have created a python script that will publish feature services to AGOL from a server with a scheduled task. The zip files it downloads from our FTP and extracts and makes .mxd's service definitions and fills in all the blanks so to speak just like someone was manually publishing a feature service with desktop..... except metadata. The metadata exists in the zip file extracted and the script will convert it to the appropriate format for AGOL. I can even manually upload the metadata to AGOL right from the item page on AGOL without any other modifying. 


So here is the questions: 


Is there an endpoint for the upload metadata function (ArcGIS Online >> Feature Service >> Metadata >> Edit >> Open >> Select Metadata File) ? Is this something that already exists that I have missed in the documentation? How are you handling the publishing of metadata to AGOL feature services when you have automated the process outside of Arc Desktop environment?


Any help or comments would be appreciated