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Push GeoEvent JSON to Published ArcGIS Server GP Service

Question asked by bjameson on Feb 23, 2017

Hello All,

I am trying to utilize the output connector, 'Push JSON to External Website' in order to execute a gp service that is published on our ArcGIS Server.  The gp service has one parameter called json, which expects a gpstring.  I am able to execute the gp service without issue when I provide a string via the gp service's submitJob url:

I have the output connecter configured with the intent of pushing the GeoEvent json to my gp service via the post method:

This will actually send the request to my gp service, but the json is not posted, which results in the gp service failing.  I've tried the Post body MIME Type as application/json, but still get the same result.  It does not seem as if there are any options for the actual post body except for MIME type.  If I look at a sucessful request to the gp service, I see that the form data has all the possible parameters included (with the most important being json):

Is there a way to configure the existing Push JSON to External Website to work with a gp service on ArcGIS Server?


Thanks in advance,