Best Practise for scripting updating of hosted feature services?

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A number of organisations will have an isolated internal ArcGIS Server deployment, and wish to setup an automated workflow for overwriting a subset of their datasets to hosted feature services within their ArcGIS Online Account, which then flow through to their ArcGIS Open Data site.


I have seen a number of scripts out there, but was wondering if there was a preferred approach or set of scripts that are recommended?  This would be a one-way push of data, and simply overwriting the service should suffice and I believe this does not change the ID of the item, therefore does not have any undesirable knock on effects with URLs to datasets changing in the Open Data site.


Ideally looking for some base scripts that can be easily adapted/re-usable for different organisations.


Semi-related, but would also like to know the pros and cons of publishing each layer as a separate hosted feature service versus grouping your layers into categories and publishing as one hosted feature service.


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