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How to Merge All Tables into One Table in a Filegeodatabase

Question asked by Diomedes275 on Feb 17, 2017
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I have written a script that buffers a point and then that buffer performs select by location on 80 feature classes/shapefiles.  If there are any hits, they are output as file geodatabase tables(in one file geodatabase) and .xls files(in one folder).  I would like to add the functionality of merging all the output tables in the gdb into one table.  I'm facing several challenges. One is with my workspace, in order to output both gdb tables and xls files I've set it to be the project folder that contains both the file geodatabase and the folder to contain the spreadsheets.  Eventually I would like to phase out the output of all the spreadsheets and just output one spreadsheet, the merged file geodatabase table.  I've read through several threads and tinkered with what I have to no avail, any help is appreciated.  Let me know if there is any other information you'd like me to provide.

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