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Remove Attachments not working on data in SDE, gives warning "Cannot remove attachments for OID = <oid here>"

Question asked by jadams9 on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by dsivertsen

I've run into a snag with a script I'm working on to rename jpeg attachments within an SDE (PostgreSQL backend). The script downloads the original attachment, gets the date from the exif data, renames the local copy of the photo, then tries to remove the original attachment using arcpy.RemoveAttachments_management() and add the new, renamed attachment. 


The script runs just fine when testing it out on a feature class and it's associated __ATTACH table in a file GDB. When I run it against a versioned feature class that is in our SDE, however, it does not remove the original attachments. It does add the renamed photos as expected, in effect doubling the number of attachments (ie, "Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg" becomes "Photo1.jpg, Photo2.jpg, 02-13-2017-Photo1.jpg, 02-13-2017-Photo2.jpg").


I have verified the match table I'm using for RemoveAttachments_management() is being created correctly. If I try to run either the Remove Attachments geoprocessing tool or it's python equivalent in the python console window, it "succeeds" but gives the warnings "Cannot remove attachments for OID = 1", etc and doesn't delete the attachments. 


I can remove the attachments manually just fine, either through the Attachment Manager or by manually deleting the records in the __ATTACH table. 


Is anyone aware of anything that would cause RemoveAttachments_management() and the associated GP tool to not be able to remove the attachments in a versioned SDE?