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Creating a network database from lines and points

Question asked by sofiawillebrand on Feb 14, 2017
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Hi guys! I am using ArcGIS 10.4.1. So I'm trying to create a network database using a shapefile of about 1000 lines and a shapefile of about 2000 points. The lines shows a railway-system, and the pointfile shows the stations along the railway. I have tried creating a network database but am failing. I have tried using some tutorials on the basic but am struggling to understand what information is required to create a network that will work in the end. So to start with, what information is basic to be able to create a network database? Which columns are needed? I have information about the length of the lines and locations of the point but not much more. I do not have any information about the time it takes for the trains to move along the lines.


The reason for creating this is to see which stations are passed along certain routes, because I need to remove those routes that go over several stations and only have those that go from one station to another. If there is another tool that can be used for this, that simply takes one point to another and gives an output  of which points are overlapping along the railway, that would be greatly appreciated!


Here is a picture of how the map looks right now: