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Intersecting and Update Field Value to feature Class, How?

Question asked by t_mcgill on Feb 12, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by mitchh300

Hello guys, I'm sorta new and would like to ask for advice on Arcpy.

I have 2 feature classes; wells(point) and city_boundary(polygon).  

I would like to write a script to see where the points fall or intersect each city boundary and return a specific value from the city boundary or return a specific coded value if that point  intersect a particular boundary.

Example:  If well(point) 505 falls/intersect in xyz boundary(polygon), return a value of xyz.  Then take the value of xyz

and update well(point) 505's City field/column with the value of xyz.   

I know I can manually do this, but there are thousands of well(point) and it also have new well(point) feature created everyday.  So this would save a lot of time by scripting it.

How would you guys approach this or the general workflow?  Thanks!