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How to enable geocoding and navigation in mmpk file through ArcGIS IOSruntime library

Question asked by kamalmtxb2b on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Gagandeep_Singh-esristaff



I am able to show mmpk file map into my own IOS app through ArcGIS runtime library. Now I want to give option geocoding and navigation in this mmpk map like Navigator for ArcGIS app through ArcGIS runtime code but I don't find any codebase / ArcGIS class /documentation at the site. Can anyone help me to provide me documentation or code?


Below is the code which I am using to show mmpk file map into device:



self.mapPackage = AGSMobileMapPackage(name: "NewYorkCity")



        //load map package

        self.mapPackage.loadWithCompletion { [weak self] (error: NSError?) in

            if let error = error {



            else {

                if let weakSelf = self {

                    if weakSelf.mapPackage.maps.count > 0 {

                        //assign the first map from the map package to the map view

               = weakSelf.mapPackage.maps[0]


                    else {

                        SVProgressHUD.showErrorWithStatus("No mobile maps found in the map package")