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Widget/Tool to generate report in PDF format

Question asked by Federer on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by sumitza

I have a feature service containing GPS locations of multiple vehicles with following attributes.


1. Vehicle ID

2. Driver Name
3. Lat
4. Long
5. Speed of a vehicle
6. Speed Limit
7. Over the Speed Limit
8. Date and Time


This information is stored in GeoEvent spatial data store (file based).

I need to create following report in PDF format for each vehicle based on based on date range provided as input


1. Vehicle ID
2. Driver Name
3. Total Distance Travelled (?)
4. Total Time 
5. Average Speed
6. Average over the Speed Limit

What is the best way to create this report ? Are there any out of the box widgets available in JavaScript or WAB to do this?


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