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How to reconnect a query layer after a network glitch?

Question asked by christopheandrey on Feb 9, 2017

Our users are using query layers in ArcGIS Pro connecting to an Oracle database and they love it. It works well.... as long as the application remains connected to the DB. 

Often, though, we unplug our laptops from their docking stations to move to a meeting room, where the laptops reconnects to the internet via Wifi. Or we temporarily loose internet connection while the train we are working in rides through a tunnel. Those interruptions last only a few seconds but this is apparently long enough for ArcGIS Pro to lose the DB-connection of its query layers. The only solution we have found to this problem consists in restarting our ArcGIS Pro altogether. Really annoying when you are concentrated in the middle of a task or of an explanation. 


Is there a way for ArcGIS Pro to recognize that is online again and to somehow automatically reconnect its query layers?

Is there a way to manually tell it to reconnect?

Is there a way to do the same programmatically with the SDK?