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Updates in JSON feature service edit not taking

Question asked by dogdaynoon on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by MidnightYell2003

I am trying to use the POST process to update the JSON for a feature service on ArcGIS Online. A detailed procedure on this process can be found here: 


I am trying to change the field editable to true in the following JSON.

"name" : "FACILITYID",
"type" : "esriFieldTypeString",
"alias" : "Facility Identifier",
"sqlType" : "sqlTypeOther",
"length" : 20,
"nullable" : true,
"editable" : false, <--- CHANGE TO true
"domain" : null,
"defaultValue" : null

Everything seems to run okay. I don't get any response only a blank page with the name of the layerresponse from service update
The change does not stick in the feature service howerver.
Any ideas?

Published with ArcMAP 10.4.1  and Windows 7.


Thank you,