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Authorization problems with Desktop Advanced

Question asked by Luchs on Feb 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Luchs

Dear community,


I have some trouble authorizing my ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced software. I've installed and authorized 8 months ago with a Single Use license (provisioning file) and everything worked fine.

Now, when opening an ArcGIS product, the error message pops up "ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced is not authorized for use. Access the ArcGIS Administrator. [...]"

So I requested a new license - again a provisioning file - and proceeded with the authorization with the ArcGIS Administrator. I selected Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use level and navigated to the new provisioning file. When starting the authorization I get the message that all functions are already authorized for use.

But the problem remains that there's an authorization error message when I open ArcGIS Map.


I appreciate any ideas what may cause the problem.


Many thanks!