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WAB 2.3 NearMe Widget issues

Question asked by Confare on Feb 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by AMuise-esristaff

I installed the newest version of WAB and the NearMe widget's behavior is very different than version 2.2:


#1  I have approximately 15 operational layers.  Out of those 15, I have 4 on by default.  In the 2.2 version when I select a parcel, it drills down and returns results of all layers.  In the 2.3 version it does the same but it turns on all the layers that were off.  I have 5 different district layers that I want the results of the drill-down but I certainly don't want them all to draw.  The map becomes way too cluttered and the user shouldn't have to turn them all off every time they make a selection.


#2 The 2.2 version did not zoom in when making a selection.  The 2.3 version zooms in, and in some cases, will zoom out to the selection.  When I use query layers, it zooms way in and doesn't zoom back out at all.


#3  I do not want to buffer and would really like the option of just placing a point or selecting a feature and the NearMe widget returning attributes of the layers that contain or intersect.  


#4  This is more of an enhancement request, but if only one feature is returned it would be nice to display the desired field instead of clicking on the right arrow to see the result.  Seems like an unnecessary step.


My 2.2 version worked beautifully (other than having to use a buffer) but it seems this new version has a taken a couple steps backwards.