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Apply Symbology from Layer doesn't work when based on field

Question asked by boston1685 on Feb 6, 2017
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I am trying to run a model with the Apply Symbology from Layer tool against multiple feature classes, some using a simple symbol and others based on a field. The tool works when there is only a simple symbol. When symbology is based on a field the output never comes out correct.  Things I've checked for:

  • The Make Feature Layer tool is being used prior to running the Apply Symbology tool.
  • The field names match in the feature class and the layer file being used for symbology.
  • The output feature class will show up in the TOC with empty symbology. Looking at its symbology properties, it is set to the matched field name but the symbology does not have any values.


Any thoughts on a resolution? This is a process that will be repeated several times and we would like to avoid manually setting the symbology for each feature class.