Silverlight application is not able to consume the service after upgrading the ArcGIS server to 10.5

Discussion created by ARaheem on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2017 by ARaheem

I have upgraded my ArcGIS server to 10.5 and published all the services that was running on the old version. I have the the same REST URL for the newly published service as of old service and I have stopped the old service in the older version of ArcGIS. 


When I am trying to consume the new service published on ArcGIS 10.5 using the REST URL it is not being initialized in the silverlight application and giving the message "A security exception occurred while trying to connect to the REST endpoint. Make sure you have a cross domain policy file available at the root for your server that allows for requests from this application.". When I am hitting the same REST URL on browser I am getting the data for the published service. I have checked for the proxy pages(crossdomain.xml and clientaccesspolicy.xml) on my server and they both are set to allow the request and there is no problem with the proxy. Since I don't have access to the server on which ArcGIS 10.5 is installed I am not sure of the proxy pages and their settings. 


Could it be the problem with cross domain issue on the server on which this service is published? if so what shall I do to let the Siverlight application to consume the service.


NOTE: I am using Silverlight api 3 for ArcGIS and the application is running on my machine and ArcGIS 10.5  is installed on remote server.