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Use arcpy to check if .lyr file uses relative path names

Question asked by leftieant76 on Jan 31, 2017
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I have a library of many hundred .lyr files that are distributed to my user base along with a data package.

Users will save the data and layer files on various drive letters and directory locations. This works fine as the layer files are generally saved with relative file paths (creating using tool "Save To Layer File" and selecting the 'Store Relative Path' option.


I would now like to develop an audit process for the layer file library, and to do so I will walk through the directory structure and iterate through all of the .lyr files. For each file I will check if the data source is current (which I've worked out how to do) and then check that the .lyr file path is relative (which I haven't worked out how to do).


Is there an arcpy method that I can check this component of the .lyr file properties? I would imagine it sits somewhere with the layer methods, but I can't see any reference to this property in the documentation.