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How to create tpk file from arcgis online web map.

Question asked by kamalmtxb2b on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by nita14
I have created the account on ArcGIS online portal. In this portal, I have also created a map into it. I am able to show this map into IOS mobile device through ArcGIS runtime SDK. Below is the code which I am using.

self.portal = AGSPortal (URL: NSURL(string: "")!, loginRequired: false)


        self.portal.credential = AGSCredential(user:  USERNAME, password:  PASSWORD)


        //construct a portal item from the portal and item ID string

        self.portalItem = AGSPortalItem(portal: self.portal, itemID: ITEMID)


        //construct a map from the portal item = AGSMap(item: self.portalItem)


self.portal.loadWithCompletion() {[weak self] (error) in

            if error == nil {

                // check the portal item loaded and print the modified date

                if self?.portal.loadStatus == AGSLoadStatus.Loaded {


                    self? = self?.map                   





                print("The map failed to load. ", error?.localizedDescription)




Now I want to download tpk file from this online portal web map. How do I achieve that?