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Open PDF Feature Attachment to Specific Page Number

Question asked by allenallen on Jan 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by jdgraham

In desktop ArcGIS, you can configure hyperlinks to open to a specific page in a multi-page pdf, if your attribute data has the page number.  In ArcGIS online if you have a multi-page PDF stored as a feature attachment, and your attribute table contains page numbers for each point/line/polygon in the map, can you create a way to click on the feature attachment and have it open to page 52 of 144 for example?


I have an engineering record/as-build map viewer where the extent of each sheet from a plan set is graphically drawn as a rectangle on the map.  The PDF page number is stored as an attribute, and the multi-page pdf is stored as a feature attachment.  But it is cumbersome to open a 200 page PDF attachment and scroll to page 147.  I don't have an internal web server or I could just store them as a pdf page open url.