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Standalone tables are getting scrambled in SQLite geodatabases

Question asked by azatrain on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by azatrain

I've created a SQLite geodatabase from within ArcMap 10.4.1 by sharing its contents as Runtime Content.  There are 28 map layers in there and 10 standalone tables.  The geodatabase gets created successfully and a I can load all map layers and tables into the map in my application without issue.  The problem surfaces when I try to instantiate a GeodatabaseFeatureTable object against one of the standalone tables.  The table name is correct which makes you think you've got the right stuff, but the fields collection contains fields that are part of a completely different table.  Obviously that makes it pretty, pretty hard to do anything meaningful with respect to the tables.  Prior to running into this issue I had been using a SQLite geodatabase with 28 map layers and 1 standalone table in it and had no problems with queries against that 1 table. 


Has anyone else experienced this or worked around it?  I've been running into quite a few issues with this API lately and calling in a ticket to tech support has been, shall we say, painful at best.  It doesn't appear that Esri has resources that are familiar with the new API and how to set up and recreate even minor issues.  So hopefully someone from the development team can help us all out here.  Thanks in advance ...