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User created geocoder not working

Question asked by awhitley67 on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by awhitley67

I have a created a locator service for use with my ArcGIS Online published maps and although I have every indication my locator service has been published and tested as working I can't get it to be used within my published public maps:


Screenshot of Geocoder in my organization Utility services.


Locator working in Portal web viewer


Screenshot of Geocoder/locator enabled and shared with Server manager

Screenshot of locator working when testing within ArcGIS Online Map Viewer


Screenshot of live public map not using my Geocoder (sorry looks like I circled Basemap selector but meant to show Search Address is still using ESRI geocoder although I deleted from my Utility services



If anyone can suggest any other setting I can look at; I've checked map settings, organzation settings and server manager thus far.