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Help with importing XY data without projection

Question asked by Cursus on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Hi, I have data that is simple local grid data (like from a total station).  When I try and import it ArcGIS (10+) wants it to have a projection or it will not seem to use correct units (Metres) for doing nearest neighbour and other geospatial tasks or add other layers.  This is just a local grid.  How can you set up data with just a grid projection as there are not options for that in projections.  I could use OSGB or UTM but that introduces other issues.  How can I work with data in a metres based grid without upsetting Projection?  Is it easy to set up a new projection that is a simple cartesan grid?  Sorry if this is a basic question but I have not had to do this in the ArcGIS10 environment and it was not an issue in earlier versions (or as I remember) .  Thanks in advance for any and all help.