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Issues creating a polygon by reading its geometry

Question asked by Ernestocd on Jan 19, 2017
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Need to print the polygon coordinates as one single line text string instead of multi-line. This output will be used as a variable to generate the polygon later in the code. NOTE: The geometry in the searchCursor is a polygon.

for row in arcpy.da.SearchCursor("countAddrPnts_lyr", ["OID@", "SHAPE@", "SITUS_STREET_NUMBER_END2", "SITUS_STREET_NUMBER2"]):x = 0for part in row[1]:    for pnt in part:        if pnt:            pntArray = ("arcpy.Point(" + "{}, {}".format(pnt.X, pnt.Y) + "),")            print pntArray     x += 1

The current output looks like this:

arcpy.Point(907781.079669, 628629.095669),arcpy.Point(907782.765669, 628579.116669),arcpy.Point(907649.596669, 628574.910669),arcpy.Point(907647.068669, 628649.878669),arcpy.Point(907780.236669, 628654.092669),arcpy.Point(907781.079669, 628629.095669),

I need it to look as follows:

arcpy.Point(907781.079669, 628629.095669), arcpy.Point(907782.765669, 628579.116669), arcpy.Point(907649.596669, 628574.910669), arcpy.Point(907647.068669, 628649.878669), arcpy.Point(907780.236669, 628654.092669), arcpy.Point(907781.079669, 628629.095669)

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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