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Python script or toolbox tool for end user to add entry to Enterprise GDB Domain

Question asked by ben_vk on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by mbabinski1988

Hey All, 


I have an Enterprise GDB that has a feature class of our Road network (polylines).


One of the fields within this Feature Class is 'Road Name', this has a domain applied to it so as end users cannot misspell road names when entering them.


The bottleneck with this setup is that each time a new road is constructed in our Local Government Area the end users has to email me the road name, then I manually enter it into the domain myself. This can be a delay for the end user and is not ideal. 


My ideal scenario would be a toolbox tool that I can create so the end user can open it, and simply enter a road name and click run, and the road name will be added to the domain for them to use. 


I have no idea how to even start something like this, has anyone else got a similar setup with a solution I could apply?