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Questions about spatial view including tables from non-spatial database

Question asked by ShuhongYan on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by ShuhongYan

Our company has one non spatial database A and one geodatabase B, both of which are in the same Server. 

My job is to create a spatial view in SQL Server, put the spatial view in a mxd, publish it to ArcGIS Server, and then create an online map on Portal for ArcGIS. All attribute data (including two columns Lat & Long) are from database A. There are over 180,000 records.


Currently, my action is to

      1. create a spatial view in geodatabase B joining all tables in database A and add SHAPE field based on the POINT() method;

      2. publish the spatial view to arcgis Server and create the map.


However, the problem is that all the points on the map are loaded very slowly. Also, reading the attribute table, opening the pop-up window of a point on the map are both really really slow. Is it because all the data is reading directly from database A?


Is there anyone having better suggestions to create the spatial view? I just want to create an online map using the data from the non-spatial database A.


I heard about indexed view (materialized view). Will the indexed view instead of regular view improve the loading speed of the points in the mxd or on the online map?


I would really like to provide more details about my script of creating the view or other stuff.


Any help is really appreciate!