Export maps with arcMap for use in GenGIS

Discussion created by MattGroe on Jan 15, 2017

Dear everyone,

I am PhD student from the Netherlands working on tuberculosis and I have recently started to analyze phylogeographical data that I would love to illustrate on a map using GenGIS. I have tried so many ways to obtain a high quality geoTIFF map (map maker, qGIS etc) and all maps are of worse quality than the one that I can download from the NASA website. 

While researching on the web I learnt that arcGis / arcMap seems to be the industry standard with the best quality maps for georeferencing. I have downloaded the trial version of arcGis for Desktop, and wanted to export the map in ArcMap, in *.tiff format, and ticked the box 'write geoTiff tags'.

If I then try to import this map into GenGIS, it doesn't work. It only works if I don't tick the box 'write geoTiff tags', but then I can't illustrate the events on the map. Would you have any idea why I can't use exported geoTiff maps from arcMap into GenGIS? 

I know that this is probably not the good way to get behind this by contacting you in this forum but after 2 days of trying around without any background in this arena I am bit desperate

Thank you very kindly in advance! 

With best wishes from Groningen,