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Correct Install Location for Python 3.4 with ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by mvolz47 on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

I am trying to determine where Python 3.4 should be installed with ArcGIS Pro as the location I found it to be in seems to be incorrect as it is installed in a location for a specific user as opposed to a general location.


When I installed ArcGIS Pro 1.4 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine, Python 3.4 was installed to c:\Users\"User Name"\AppData\Local\Programs\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python which does not appear correct compared to the following GeoNet thread: 


In this thread it seems that Python should be installed to:


C:\Program Files\ArcGIS Pro\bin


In comparison ArcGIS for Desktop installed Python to:



Any feedback on this question is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.