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Field Enricher (File) with file from Write to a GeoJSON File Output Connector

Question asked by danielhcinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by danielhcinformi-dk-esridist

How can I use a file created by the Write to a GeoJSON File output connector, as input file to a Field Enricher (File) ?


To elaborate: When the output connector creates the file, it appends a timestamp to the given filename prefix. 

So when using the Field Enricher (File) processor, I cannot just give prefix, as the Field Enricher (File) processor then cannot find a file by the given name (as it doesn't exist). 


Is there any way to work around this? 

Of course I could use a feature service, but I am specifically using files, so as to work around the known 1 minute caching time limit for the Field Enricher (Feature Service) processor.


Further, as I wasn't quite able to figure out from the documentation: what is the behavior when enriching (e.g. from a file) and multiple features match the given join field? (as would likely be the case with files, as we cannot update the entires there, but only append).


I will send further documentation and clarify on demand.


Thanks in advance. 






EDIT: I'm using GeoEvent Server 10.5