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Off-line data not syncing.

Question asked by gsipes on Jan 11, 2017
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I have two layers published to an internal ArcServer from the same SDE database. The MXD used to publish them has a single connection to the database the layers are stored in (in other words, no mixed connections). The layers are archive enabled, NOT registered as versioned, and one has attachments as pictures with global ids for the primary key field. Also the layers are permissioned through the database for edit, update, and delete for the necessary user connections. The service properties include Feature Access with all abilities checked (sync, edit, create, delete, query).


The feature services are added to an AGOL webmap using a standard ESRI basemap. Pop-ups are configured, and the data is symbolized as needed and the map is shared with the proper group. On a tablet running Android OS we have Collector 10.4.0 installed. It is signed into AGOL with a user whom is apart of the proper group the web map is shared with. 


So, when we make edits ON-LINE (without downloading to the device) the edits are posted immediately to the service and consumed in the web map on AGOL. The problem occurs when we download the map to the device and make off-line edits. We get back the office and connected to the protected wifi and press the sync function. The status bar proceeds as usual and there are no errors thrown up. Everything looks ok. However, when we view the webmap in AGOL the edits are not pushed to the feature services in the map. The funny thing is however, sometimes the pictures will sync over but the attribute data does not. Completely Stumped....


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.