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What is the rate limit for REST API Geocode Service?

Question asked by perry@tempest on Jan 12, 2017

I am looking for information on the rate limits of the free geocode service. For example, on this page: Free vs. paid operations—ArcGIS REST API: World Geocoding Service | ArcGIS for Developers it talks about rate limits for using the free service vs using the same service and passing in a token which increases the rate limit.


So if I wanted to do the following request:, SD 57301, USA&outFields=address,location,Country&f=json

and not pass in a token, what would be the rate limit of requests like that? And then likewise, if I want to pass in a token, what would the limit increase to? I am looking for something like 10/sec without token, 20/sec with token or something along those lines.


"many requests in a certain time period" is just a little to vague.