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"Layer is not in the webmap:Service Area" Error?!

Question asked by deleted-user-LNABNwA5CZcD on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by ABCottrell

This is a new one that I cannot seem to find an answer for.

I am trying to upload state senate and house districts to create a searchable map via Information Lookup Web App. I've done this before with no problem. Given the recent elections, I wanted to do new ones with the Carolinas merged (I previously did separate house and senate maps for NC then again for SC; wanted to cut the maps down to two total).

The House of Representatives map and app were no problem and work fine.

The Senate one keeps giving me a bizarre message that doesn't seem to be functional -- just annoying and not something I want confusing people. The message is "Layer is not in the webmap:Service Area" exactly like that (no spaces around colon). I have played with everything I thought I could and tried re-uploading the feature. The weirdest part is that everything with the House version happened in parallel and is fine. What's going on?!