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Story maps cascade (Beta) - a few bugs / suggestions - note this is only in cascade and happened since the December AGOL update.

Question asked by AAdairesriuk-esridist Employee on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by ldesmul

1. In the 'title' field - you cannot paste text into it - you can only type. Also, you cannot change the font or the colour. The title's default is at the top of the page and it would be good to move it around. Also cannot use the scroll feature.

2. Problems with adding a video - the videos (embedded and immersed) automaticaly play when scrolling to them. However, this does not happen when you put the videos in the 'narrative' section. Also, videos break when trying to play them when on a phone (Android & Chrome). Also, story maps jumps to random sections and plays up when on the phone - it also does this when you rotate the phone.

3. In edit mode, when you change any text to italics or hyperlinks the text becomes large in edit mode. Also when you are in edit mode, map links can be unreliable - when you have multiple maps of the same area e.g. 1,2,3,4 - customer says that the story map can forget the first one.

4. Problems with the web map in cascade - the web map does not remember the configurations - only remembers the web map configurations. This is time consuming to have to change it every time. Also, cannot change the basemap in cascade.