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Survey123 -- relevant field won't allow two values

Question asked by kstraub@nps.gov_nps on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by MilesMcCoySulentic



I would like to make groups in my Survey123 form relevant depending on the response to another question. 


The question is which protocol the end user is using: Crown Health, Biocontrol, or Both. 


If they select Both, I would like both groups (Crown Health and Biocontrol) to be visible/relevant. Is they select Crown Health, I would like to make only the Crown Health group relevant/visible. Is they select Biocontrol, I would like to make only the Biocontrol group relevant/visible. 


I have tried the following in the group relevancy for the Crown Health group:


${Protocol} !='Biocontrol'
${Protocol} ='Both' OR ${Protocol} ='CrownHealth'
${Protocol} ='Both' OR 'CrownHealth'
${Protocol} ='Both' , 'CrownHealth'


None have worked, can anyone help out with this one?