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Integrating ArcGIS Server, SQL Server, JavaScript API and Python/ArcPy

Question asked by lloydbronn on Jan 3, 2017
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I've been creating web maps from services hosted on our ArcGIS server using the JavaScript API. My company wants to expand the capabilities of our website. We produce daily and weekly weather analysis reports (charts and PowerPoint PDFs) for weather stations, lat/lon points, and for countries and regions. We currently produce these reports from Python scripts that query our SQL databases and create Excel charts and/or PowerPoint presentations. These scripts incorporate ArcPy tools and models. The reports and charts are then attached to points or polygons in ArcMap and published as map services on our server. This is all automated, but it happens behind the scenes. We would like our clients to have the ability to create these reports dynamically from the website. For example, the user enters lat/lon coordinates or a location, or clicks on a country, and a report is generated on the fly.


I've created SQL db connections in ArcMap and registered these databases on the ArcGIS server. I'm not sure how to take the next steps. Should I use PHP within my HTML/JavaScript documents to call our Python scripts that access the databases and create reports? I've seen examples of query layers on the JavaScript API reference, but I can't find any example workflows for what I'm trying to do.