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Feature Linked Annotation Behavior

Question asked by chad.stidham on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by dbward3e10

I am under the impression that when feature linked annotation is created for a feature class that after an attribute that was included in the original label expression is changed / updated that the annotation and its associated label would be updated to reflect the attribute change.  Am I wrong in assuming this?  From the help documentation it states that it should.


I am using Desktop 10.4.1 with an ArcEditor license with a feature class in a file geodatabase.  I created a label expression using python as the parser that uses 3 fields to build a stacked label with some conditional formatting.  I've been right-clicking the feature class and storing the annotation in a database for all features and made sure that feature linked is checked.


If I go into the original feature class that the annotation was created from and edit one of the fields associated with the label expression I don't see the text updating in the annotation class TextString field or the label itself.


Is there a setting that may be preventing the update?  I came across a few threads mentioning that SQL queries could be causing an issue.  I haven't used any or a definition query on any of the layers.  I've tried it with a new feature class with a single point feature and 3 attributes and still haven't seen it update.


Any help is appreciated