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Reverse Geocode Issue

Question asked by azatrain on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by MBranscomb-esristaff

I posted this issue in the user forums for the Xamarin beta, but got no response.  Unfortunately I'm still seeing the same issue in the latest release.  Is this a bug, a potential issue with my locator, or is there a workaround?  I basically need the ability for my users to click on the map and return the address at that location.  The locator was created in 10.3.1.  Not sure if that matters, but like I say below it works fine for normal locates.


" I'm working with a locator creating tools to both search for an address and return the address for a clicked location.  The address search works like a charm, but I'm getting some weird results in the reverse geocode process.  When I check the LocatorInfo.ResultAttributes and SearchAttributes properties on the LocatorTask I get a list of all the attributes I'm expecting to have access to in the GeocodeResult object that comes back from the reverse geocode call.  There are no attributes present in the GeocodeResult.Attributes property for the result that comes back.  It's these attributes that I use to communicate the address at that location to the user.


This seems to be a bug of some sort.  The documentation for the ReverseGeocodeParameters.ResultAttributeNames property seems to indicate that you should be able to set that, but at this point you can only get that information and it is an empty collection as well.  Can someone at Esri confirm that this is an issue or point me in the right direction here if I'm off base?


Thank you ... "