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Offline basemap not loading if internet connection is not available

Question asked by niladribanerjee123 on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by akajanus-esristaff

Hi All,


We are having an issue regarding the offline basemap. We are able to download the arcgis online base map in our device. using the code given in this forum,


.NET Xamarin gist to download ArcGIS basemap tiles for offline use. · GitHub 


However after downloading when we are trying to load the  offline map( using the sample code given in this link Offline mapping ideas — Xamarin Forums)  from our local storage and it  is not loading in the background if we switch off the device internet connection. But surprisingly if we switch on the internet the offline map was loading in the background from the local storage. we are using xamarin forms for android to develop the application. Any help concerning this issue will be highly appreciated.



Niladri Banerjee

GIS Developer