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Whither ArcObjects?

Question asked by emblaisdell on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by artifact

Circa 2010, with ArcGIS Desktop 10, the new add-in platform was released. Use .NET programming to develop add-ins for ArcMap! Books were published, classes were held. I wrote some pretty cool add-ins in C# with ArcObjects to help my company's workflow, in roughly the period 2010-2014.


Nowadays, I can barely find any references to the ArcObjects SDK for C# .NET. It's all Python all the time, or the Runtime SDKs, or WPF and Pro.


I love Python, and I love ArcGIS Pro, but what is the future of ArcObjects .NET development for ArcMap? There seem to be many things I cannot do with Python add-ins that I can only accomplish with aging .NET add-ins that I can no longer effectively debug/modify because the documentation is receding into the wilderness and Visual Studio support is increasingly lacking.


What's a .NET add-in developer to do?