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arcpy.AddMessage out of sequence on large process?

Question asked by on Dec 22, 2016
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Anyone encountered the message queue getting out of sequence (at least in the Python toolbox results window) on a large process? I'm running a long Python process -- looping through ~300,000 rows -- and getting messages (used for debugging) that are clearly out of sequence. Or, I've completely lost sight of how Python loops work.


Any insights?




The message window (near the end of the process):


The Python loop:

# loop through all parcels
sql = "PropertyID IS NOT NULL"
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(parcel_fc,parcel_fields,sql) as cursor:
     i = 0
     for row in cursor:
          propertyID = row[0]
          sql = "PropertyID = "+str(propertyID)
          arcpy.AddMessage("SQL = "+sql)
          # select related records in deeds table, take only 1st result
          with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(deed_tbl,deed_fields,sql,sql_clause=("TOP 1","ORDER BY DeedDate DESC")) as cursor2:
               j = 0
               for row2 in cursor2:
                    arcpy.AddMessage("DeedID = "+str(row2[1])+", DeedDate = "+str(row2[2]))
                    row[1] = row2[1]
                    row[2] = row2[2]
                    row[3] = row2[3]
                    j += 1
               arcpy.AddMessage("Rows found = "+str(j))
               if j > 1:
                    arcpy.AddMessage("Found more than one deed")
          i += 1
          #if i > 1000:
          #     arcpy.AddMessage("Rows updated ="+str(i))
          #     sys.exit(0)
     arcpy.AddMessage("Rows updated ="+str(i))
arcpy.AddMessage(" finished")