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Sequencing Pipes in a Geometric Network (ArcPY)

Question asked by on Dec 20, 2016

I'm stumped on how to figure this one out, i have a geometric network that manages eight layers that we uses to manage our storm water system.  as part of a CCTV inspection program/project we are trying to assign a number (squence) from the outfall (lowest point downstream) of a system to its highest.  


I have looked into trying to query the geometric network tables in our SDE database to no avail, and have settled on Python being my next best bet.  I have created a script to connect to our SDE database, pull in the network, select a flag and disable 2 layers that are not participating in the trace.  The GP tool returns to me a group layer, i'm able to loop through and print out the number of selected assets returned from the trace as well as copy them and create an FGDB feature class with the selected pipes.


The next part, or the part that I'm struggling with is how to assign the sequence, i was hoping that there was a method or a function within the trace tool that shows in what order the line segments were selected, but this is not the case.


Does anyone have any ideas or practice in trying to do something similar?